Проекти за организациите по член 36

В проектите на EFSA могат да кандидатстват само български организации, които са в списъка на одобрените организации по чл. 36. Кандидатстването става директно за всеки отделен проект.

Всички отворени проекти:


Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/PRAS/2014/01: Compilation of a database, specific for the pesticide active substance and their metabolites, comprising the main genotoxicity endpoints

Call for proposals : GP/EFSA/BIOCONTAM/2014/01- "Occurence of tropane alkaloids in food"

Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/NUTRI/2014/01: Scientific substantiation of health claims made on food: collection, collation and critical analysis of information in relation to claimed effects, outcome variables and methods of measurement

Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/CONTAM/2013/03: Occurrence of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in food

Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/BIOHAZ/2013/01: Relationship between seroprevalence in the main livestock species and presence of Toxoplasma gondii in meat

Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/CONTAM/2013/01: Combined bioaccumulation / toxicity study on a broad mixture of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons

Call for proposals - GP/EFSA/CONTAM/2013/02: Survey on sterigmatocystin in food


Call for proposal: GFP/EFSA/AHAW/2012/01 "Identification, validation and collection of data on animal based measures to create database for quantitative assessment of the welfare of diary cows"

Call for proposal: GP/EFSA/BIOMO/2012/02 "Implementation and testing of electronic submission in XML, Excel and CSV formats of zoonozes, antimicrobial resistance and food-borne outbreak data and updating the historical datasets"

Call for proposal: GP/EFSA/AHAW/2012/01 "Echinococcus multilocularis infection in animals"

Call for proposal: CFP/EFSA/PRAS/2012/01 "Case studies for the application of the Guidance of EFSA on Submission of scientific peer-reviewed open literature for the approval of pesticide active substances under Regulation (EU) No 1141/2010"

Call for proposal: GP/EFSA/DCM/2012/01 "Electronic Transmission of Chemical Occurrence Data"

Call for proposal: CFP/EFSA/GMO/2012/01 "Data collection and methodology support in the risk assessment of GM animals"

Call for proposal: CFP/EFSA/SCOM/2012/01 "Critical review of methodology, and applications for risk ranking and benefit ranking for prioritisation of food and feed related, on the basis of the size of anticipated health impact"

Call for proposal: GP/EFSA/CONTAM/2012/01 "Study on the influence of food processing on nitrate levels in vegetables"

Call for proposal: CFP/EFSA/FEED/2012/01 "Extensive literature search on the bioavailability of selected trace elements in animal nutrition - incompabilities and interactions"


CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2011/03 "Risk Categorization for Aquatic Animal Health Surveillance"

CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2011/02 “Data collection to characterise the impact of canine leishmaniosis and modelling of the role of animals in spreading Leishmania infantum within the European Union”

CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2011/01 "Development of a risk assessment methodological framework for potentially pandemic influenza strains"

CFP/EFSA/PRAS/2011/01 “Collection and evaluation of relevant information on crop interception”

CFP/EFSA/BIOMO/2011/01 "Implementation and testing of electronic submission in XML format of Zoonoses, zoonotic agents, animal population, antimicrobial resistance and food-borne outbreaks data in the European Union"

CFP/EFSA/DCM/2011/02 "Dietary Monitoring Tools for Risk Assessment"

CFP/EFSA/AMU/2011/01 “Feasibility study on the use of farmer/producer associations/federations to form sentinel surveillance networks for adverse events in primary production”

Call for proposals - CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2011/01: Electronic Transmission of Chemical Occurrence Data

Calls for proposals planned to be launched under the EFSA Annual Work Programme for Grants in 2011

Open calls for tenders planned to be launched under the EFSA Annual Work Programme for Science Procurement Projects in 2011


CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2010/02 “Contribution of meat inspection to animal health surveillance”

CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2010/02: “Pilot study in the view of a Pan-European dietary survey - Adolescents, adults and elderly”

CFP/EFSA/AMU/2010/01  "Commodity based hazard identification protocol for emerging diseases  in plants and animals"

Call  for proposal - CFP/EFSA/DATEX2010/01 on "Electronic Transmission of  Chemical Occurrence Data"

CFP/EFSA/AWAW/2010/01  “Specification of data collection on animal diseases to increase the  preparedness of the AHAW Panel to answer future mandates”

CFP/EFSA/PPR/2010/01  "Collection and assessment of data relevant for non-dietary cumulative  exposure to pesticides and proposal for conceptual approaches for  non-dietary cumulative exposure assessment"

CFP/EFSA/PLH/2010/01 “Plant health pest surveys for the EU territory”

CFP/EFSA/CONTAM/2010/02:  Experimental study: uptake of coccidiostats in vegetables

CFP/EFSA/DATEX2010/01: Survey  on electronic transmission of chemical occurrence data

CFP/EFSA/CONTAM/2010/01: Survey on ergot alkaloids  in cereals intended for human consumption and animal feeding


CFP/EFSA/FEEDAP/2009/02: Bibliographic review on the potential of micro-organisms, microbial products and enzymes to induce respiratory sensitisation


Preparation of a report on applicability of physicochemical data, QSARs and read-across in Treshold of Toxicological Concern assessments


CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2009/03:  Probabilistic tool to estimate “usual” intake distribution in the Comprehensive Food Consumption Databasе

CFP/EFSA/BIOHAZ/2009/01:  Data harvesting on Campylobacter in broiler meat

        CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2009/02: Pilot study in the view of a Pan-European dietary survey - Infants and children                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

CFP/EFSA/AMU/2009/01: Inventory of data sources relevant for the identification of emerging diseases in the European aquaculture population

CFP/EFSA/PLH/2009/01: Pest risk assessment for the European Community plant health - a comparative approach with case studies

CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2009/02: Collection, Collation, Evaluation and synthesis of data on welfare and health aspects of genetic selection in broilers chickens

CFP/EFSA/PPR/2009/01: Identification of Common Assessment Groups of Pesticides

CFP/EFSA/EMRISK/2009/01: Modelling, predicting and mapping the (re)emergence of aflatoxin B1 in cereals in the EU due to climate change

CFP/EFSA/DATEX/2009/01: Electronic Transmission of Chemical Occurrence Data

CFP/EFSA/AHAW/2009/01: Project to develop Animal Welfare Risk Assessment Guidelines on Housing and Management

CFP/EFSA/CONTAM/2009/01: Toxicological study related to 3-MCPD esters

Проекти за организациите по член 36